Friday, June 27, 2014

Developer Tools and Guidelines

In this post I will keep an updated list of my day-to-day tools of choice.
Sure, I have a lot of favourite links and saved software but hopefully this will help me keep track, while perhaps helping others as well.
Do you have a cool extension you use? Feel free to add a comment below.

Visual Studio

CSS3 Validation for VS2010


Web Essentials

Web Troubleshooting

Firebug for Firefox


RESTClient (Firefox / Chrome / Safari)

Code Deobfuscating



.NET Reflector (and alternatives)


Log Viewers

SharePoint Manager

Frontend Server Name

Missing Feature Cleaner

Unlock SPItem

File Extractor

CAML Query Creator

SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (SPCAF)




JQuery UI


MultiPlatform (Windows / Windows Phone 8)


NetPonto - portuguese .Net support forum!forum/netponto

MSDN - Microsoft's international support forum

SuperUser - general computer troubleshooting

StackOverflow - code troubleshooting

StackExchange - SharePoint troubleshooting

Best Practices

Naming Conventions
"Do use Pascal casing for all public member, type, and namespace names consisting of multiple words."
"Do use camel casing for parameter names. "

Coding Conventions

SharePoint Object Model

Design Patterns

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  1. AuroraBits has developerd and released a tool similar to SharePoint Manager, SharePoint Insider which can be downloaded at It is a bit easier to explore SharePoint objects with SPI as it doesn't need you to login to the server as admin which is an issue with SPM particularly if you have restricted access to your target env . Both read-only and read-write versions are available to download, hope it will help