Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#SharePoint | There was an error processing the request

  • Create a SharePoint Publishing Page
  • Call the TaxonomyInternalService
  • Publish the page
  • Get a 500 Internal Server Error
  • Prompted with "message from webpage" "there was an error processing the request"
  • Find a  __REQUESTDIGEST input with value InvalidFormDigest
  • Find a X-RequestDigest entry with value InvalidFormDigest with Fiddler

Potential Solutions:
  • In C.A., disable security validation timeout
    • Web Application General Settings,  Web Page Security Validation, Expires: Never
  • Update to the June 2013 CU
  • (Re)Start the SecurityTokenService Application Pool


  • Add the following code to your page (or create a file and link it through a CEWP)


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