Friday, November 1, 2013

#Filezilla not working through shared network

Problem: FileZilla does not connect to servers while connected through shared network.

From Windows Firewall Logs we can find,

2013-11-01 12:28:04 DROP TCP 51759 42360 52 S 3851669901 0 8192 - - - RECEIVE

Which means that an attempt, from another computer in the network was made over the gateway (the current computer) in order to contact *some* remote location over TCP and the connection was refused locally. This means we will need an Inbound Rule, in order to allow the network machine to access this gateway by TCP.

Solution: Deactivate Windows Firewall or add an Inbound Rule.

In order to avoid setting the system to an unprotected state, do the following to add a rule exception.

1) Go to Windows Firewall, Advanced
2) Right-click "Inbound Rules", "New Rule"
3) Click "Custom" and hit Next
4) Choose "All Programs" and hit Next
5) Set TCP as your protocol type and hit Next
6) For "local IP addresses" click "these IP addresses" and then choose a range in order to add all computers in the shared network (in the example, from to
7) Click Next, then Allow the connection, Next again, give any name you want and finish!

Update: You may need to edit the properties and, in the "Advanced" tab, select "Allow edge transversal" in order for the remote computer to be able to use NAT and communicate over the Internet

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