Saturday, May 4, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Fixing Clipboard Bug


I have recently come up with a problem with Samsung tablets that is causing quite a fuzz.
After a while using one of Samsung Android tablets, we start getting issues while opening applications or trying to write stuff using the keyboard. The problem seems to be related to an issue with the Samsung Clipboard API, while using the default keyboard.

Error: "Agente Feedback do Market parou" (Portuguese) or "Unfortunately, Market Feedback agent has stopped" (English)

Description: Unable to open some applications or write text using the keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
Model GT-P5110
Android 4.0.4
Kernel 3.0.8-846656-user

at android.content.ClipboardManager.setPrimaryClip(
at android.content.ClipboardManager.setText(

There are various ways to fix this, but sadly none of them is an easy deal.

Solution #1 - recommended by Samsung
This option means restoring the tablet data to factory defaults. Needless to say you should back up everything before doing so, and removing SIM or SD cards if existent.

The actual process is:
- Go to the context menu on the lower right corner of the screen
- Click "Settings"
- On the settings screen, below "Personal", click "Back up and reset"
- Uncheck "Automatic restore" to prevent current issues persisting
- Click "Factory data reset"
- Click "Reset device" and follow the reset procedure

Solution #2 - root
In order to actually fix this issue we just need to do something as simple as removing the /data/clipboard folder, which will reset the clipboard and fix the problem immediately. However, access to this folder isn't available unless the device is rooted.
It's not an easy process and could easily brick the device if not done properly. Also, it will most likely void the garanty. Still, it is an option and the whole process is available on xda-developers.

Prevent Process
If you own such an Android tablet from Samsung, either you don't have this issue or have done one of the two solutions above, you should make sure that this doesn't happen again. Since Samsung has not yet come up with an update or easier solution for this issue, I recommend doing two things to remove the possibility of this error ocurring, or at lest lower the chances.

#1 - Remove the screen capture icon
The icon that comes by default and captures a screen shot can be quite annoying since you can easily click it unintentionally, and since it uses the clipboard, it can contribute to the bug.
To remove it:
- Click "Settings"
- Click "Display" under "Device"
- Click "Quick launch"
- Choose "None" instead of "Screen capture" or any other option available

#2 - Use a third party keyboard
Since the Samsung default keyboard seems to be one of the most probable culprits that is causing this error, not using it seems to be the strongest fix, and many users have not experienced this bug again after using another keyboard app.
- Download and install a keyboard app (e.g. Jelly Bean or Ice Cream Sandwhich)
- Go to "Settings"
- Click "Language and input" under "Personal"
- Check one or more keyboard apps (this will make them all available for usage)
- Now if you open any application that popups up the keyboard, you will still see the default Samsumg keyboard. However, you will see a small keyboard icon in the lower right corner, next to the clock. If you click it, you will be able to pick a different keyboard, which will then be used by default on all applications.

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