Thursday, September 6, 2012

Increasing display device resolution to an unsupported value

It seems that for us with screen resolutions as high as 1280x800 won't be able to use the snap (left and right) feature, which allows showing two Metro apps, side-by-side, simultaneously.

According to this post, "if you plan to use the snap feature you will need a minimum resolution of 1366x768".

Now, there are in fact a few tweaks found over the Internet that seem to successfully bring up a new, higher resolution, even when it wasn't supported in the first place.
These tweaks, such as the application tweaks (PowerStrip, Infinite Screen) or registry tweaks (Override X/Y Scales, Edit DownScalingSupported value, Windows 8 Snap Enabler) didn't work for me.

Either because I'm using Windows 2008 Server 64 bits, or a Nvidia GeForce 8400M GT, I had to try a different approach, and eventually I found that installing the updated drivers with enhanced inf from LaptopVideo2Go finally managed to get me some drivers and the NVIDIA Control Panel. Although I still seem to be working with limited display drivers, I managed to create a custom resolution (1440x900) through the "Change Resolution" option in the Control Panel.

Now I can use this new resolution (at my own risk) and have a new resolution option on display settings. There is a chance that the resolution (e.g. 1600x900) is not supported by the current display dimensions, which will result in a few areas filled with black spaces. But I can finally snap my apps!

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