Monday, July 19, 2010

MOSS Accessibility - going caveman

Wonder why it's so hard to make things clear, and information "accessible".

So we want to build a SharePoint 2007 Accessible Site!?

1. Start a master page from scratch? Use AkS's or Heather Solomon's minimal masters?
I'd say its better to start off with BlueBand.master from AkS and start by changing the doctype to xhmlt 1.0 scrict (why is it not already??)

2. Use transitional HTML 4.01? Standard 1.0 XHTML? Strict 1.0 XHTML?
I found out strict XHTML isn't exactly a requirement for accessible sites so HTML 4.01 will do just fine.

3. What's the benefit of using AkS publishing masterpage? Just css font resizing?
"These pages have been modified to include modifications and enhancements for sizing, skip navigation, table summaries, removal of deprecated elements, and usage of the AKS Style Sheets."

I guess I'll have to find these out for myself...

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