Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Enabling content types for dummies

Content types are a great way of structuring our site's contents, creating ease for data access, and also saving time while reusing data.

Create All Site Columns for fields going to be used (pub html, mail, user, etc) all in a group "my new site columns"

* remember to create fields with no spaces or whatever (preferably pure lowercase letters) to avoid the _x20_ conversions later

Create Content Types for Page Layouts (My new site page layouts) and List Content Types (My new site lists)

For page layouts, go to master page and page layout gallery and click "New" and use the newly created page layout. Go to SPD and set a table structure with the content type's fields (such as publishing html) and web part zones / web parts.

For Lists, create a new custom list, go to list settings, advanced settings and set "Allow management of content types" to yes, and add & set as default content type the "My new site lists". Disable the management again and save the list as "Template".

Content Query Web Parts will enable queries for pages and lists, with field filtering and sorting throughout the site collection. Appearance can be customized later by adding custom styles to the ItemStyle xslt.

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