Friday, September 11, 2009

SharePoint 2007 | Web Part Maintenance Page | Existing WebPart ID error

- So you're building webparts and the page is crashing?

- Are you getting an annoying error that won't allow you to add your webpart saying:
"A Web Part with this ID has already been added to this page"

- Let's say your site is, for example:

- You can add "?contents=1" to the browser's adress bar and try to remove some webparts or even all webparts if needed and the error is sure to go away

This one is kind of tricky to get to, but you can get it through the browser
- "Site Actions"
- "View All Site Content"
- "Pages"
- Hover a page, like "Default.aspx", click the arrow context menu on that file and select "Edit Properties"
- On the bottom of the editing page will se an option saying:
"Open Web Part Page in maintenance view"

Its amazing what you can find on a sharepoint test server homepage


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